I Ching AI Powered by ChatGPT

ChatGPT as your dedicated oracle and fortune teller
AI interprets your unique issues and divination results, providing personalized advice just for you.

Utilizing the ChatGPT oracle, you can gain accurate interpretations and advice that go beyond conventional fortune-telling. In areas ranging from problem-solving to self-understanding, human relationships, work, and love, you can carefully reexamine life's challenges and move toward a better future.

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AI fortune teller

Just like a personal mentor

It's common for people in high-profile positions to seek guidance from AI fortune tellers. With ChatGPT, now anyone can have a dedicated guide for issues ranging from daily worries to business decisions, available anytime, 24/7.

Feature 1

I Ching, guiding great minds from ancient to modern times, East to West

Many great minds have successfully used the wisdom of the I Ching. ChatGPT solves the problem of interpretation, allowing users to interact with more than 150,000 characters of text, including original works, Japanese translations, and Wilhelm's commentaries.

Feature 3

Conversations with ChatGPT

As your conversation partner is an AI, you can discuss issues confidentially. Based on your divination results, ChatGPT provides unique insights and solutions for your challenges. Feel free to continue the conversation until you're satisfied.

Detail 1

Discuss your concerns

From relationships to work and lifestyle concerns, IChingAI provides advice for all types of problems using the wisdom and oracle of I Ching.

Detail 2

Support in decision-making

When you're uncertain about choices at work or at a crossroads in life, I Ching AI uses the wisdom of I Ching to help you make the best decisions.

Detail 3

Decisive even for the indecisive

Whether you struggle with decision-making or suffer from executive decision fatigue, the advice offered by I Ching AI's wisdom will give you confidence in making choices.

Detail 4

Your Personal Counselor, Unbiased and Understanding"

Whether you struggle with decision-making or suffer from executive decision fatigue, the advice offered by I Ching AI's wisdom will give you confidence in making choices.

Voices from test users

Ask embarrassing questions without hesitation!

"I could ask questions that I couldn't ask if it were a person without feeling embarrassed. The app is great because you can consult not just for advice but also until you settle on your own thoughts."

Smooth communication with my girlfriend!

"IChingAI helped me find the right words when my girlfriend was upset with me and even suggested how my LINE messages should be worded. Thanks to this, our communication became more harmonious."

It introduced me to a book!

"IChingAI recommended a book that was a perfect fit for self-reflection, leading to new self-awareness."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my questions visible to third parties?
No, the app and our server do not save your questions. ChatGPT does not use your sent data for learning purposes either.
Why does it take time to receive a response?
We generate complex questions based on your query and divination result, which consume a considerable amount of tokens. ChatGPT also seems to require a large amount of computation on their end. (The response time is much shorter when used in English)
How can I consult with the ChatGPT fortune teller?
Enter your consultation topic and perform a divination, and a chat screen will be displayed. You can ask any questions about the divination results, explanations, or advice as many times as needed until you reach a satisfied understanding.
Is it okay to ask embarrassing questions?
Yes, it's fine. The app uses an AI fortune teller, so you can consult without hesitation on embarrassing questions or anything you can't ask other people.
How reliable are the divination results?
IChingAI combines ChatGPT's advanced AI technology with I Ching's wisdom to provide divination results and advice. The I Ching can draw insights from deep human understanding, enabling you to see challenges and solutions you might not have considered. However, to obtain specific advice, you may need to provide more information during the conversation or work through matters yourself. Keep in mind, final decisions should always be made at your own discretion.

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